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Assessment & Development center


AC/DC includes evaluating and developing programs. It is an area, in which we can effectively diagnose, monitor and record competencies, talents and quality of the project participants with qualitative and quantitative methods. With the help of load situations, problem activities, developing tools and modern diagnostic methods we create evaluations, recommendations, suggestions and conclusions (selection of the employees for the leading posts, searching for people with suitable competencies) according to the demands and intentions of the employer.

From the point of view of the degree of the professional work we put ASSESMENT & DEVELOPMENT CENTER to the most professional column.


We offer the psycho diagnostics also in a „virtual area”, which includes a personal interview, individual model or case studies, a test of key competences, a test of analytic thinking (A-test) and more.

From the diagnostic methods we use for example the POP test, for the personal analysis the ICL or the Smékal test… For the field of the load diagnostics there could be put and professionally evaluated for example the NQ-S or the Luscher test, for the field of the creativity the Torrance test, for the field of the manager requirements the test GMA. To monitor the roles in a group we use the complete Belbin methods, for which we are certified.

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