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Case studies


WE PRESENT YOU OUR DEVELOP GAMES A concept called Case studies achieves great results in the field of the development and education of the employees.  From the point of the development are these activities based on the empirical experience that 90% of what we learn we gain through what we actively do and say ourselves. We support developing changes on the three learning levels:

  • the individual level
  • the group level
  • the organizational level

Through this we induce the situation when three sources of learning can arise:

  • practical experience (I do)
  • discovering (astonishment)
  • active creative abstraction (why, how?)

The process of learning and development through the form of our Case studies includes both the knowledge and the acting which are together the source of the deeper cognition. When it is realized through the active struggle (mental, physical, social), it comes to connection of the whole human who is effectively and naturally developed. From the point of view of the professional work we put the Case studies to the column of the developing trainings.   graf_training

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