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Developing goals

  • Development of the client attitude
  • Strategic thinking
  • Motivation to the team coordination
  • Realization of the project in a fixed time
  • Work efficiency and quality



Your company is trying to fill the market in Indonesia. To distribute the goods you need to build a fast boat – CARAMARAN. When the boat is finished you compete in the distribution to the islands (little buoys on the water).

Task for the companies

The task is to build a safe and functional raft of a given material and to make different products which you will distribute to the islands.



Developing competences

  • Competences to the satisfying the client’s needs
  • Competence to the work planning and organizing
  • Competence to the active attitude
  • Competence to the flexibility
  • Competence to the cooperation


The activity lasts je 3 – 3,5 hours.

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