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Společenská odpovědnost


Corporate Social Responsibility is a very widely used concept which appeals to companies for responsibility. A company devotes voluntarily social beneficial activities beyond its duties. Towards the external milieu and primarily towards the local community the company gives a signal that it appreciates its milieu and its citizens. The company gives a loyal impression by realizing the principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility also inside the company when it increases the company attraction for its employees.

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The learning connected to the principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility has a wide developing possibilities – it places demands on the improvement of the team cooperation, comunication, manager skills, project management, it supports the creativity and flexibility.

We offer the possibility to fulfill this Corporate Social Responsibility in the cooperation with the National Park Krkonoše where it is about getting rid of the weed around the trees, clearing out sticks, burning the wood and planting new young trees. We have also an established cooperation with the city Třeboň where we can help in the Spa Aurora or around the Třeboňský pounds and in the neighbouring forest. There is also an assistance for some ecological centres or the preparation of the programm in the Institute for mentally handicapped children. Often we can arrange also an article about the done corporate social work in the local press.

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